Thoughts on the PERQ Launch Party

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Thoughts on the PERQ Launch Party

Last week, the Indianapolis-based marketing company PERQ threw a party to celebrate the launch of their new brand, which consolidates its three companies – CIK Enterprises LLC, Tri-Auto and Trace Communications – into one.

Their sprawling complex on the northwest side played host to hundreds of guests in the marketing/tech community.

PERQ Launch Party

A lot has been written about their office space, culture, transparency, employee perks and products. What impresses me most about PERQ wasn’t on display during their launch party – at least, not directly.

It’s easy for companies, especially startups, to come right out of the gate trumpeting themselves as the next big thing without a track record for success. We see launch parties, magazine spreads and road shows for minimum viable products with few customers and even less credibility.

PERQ (as CIK) quietly worked for years building a business and growing to over 70 employees with little fanfare. Only after proving success in their market, having generated millions of dollars in revenue, did they “launch” (albeit with a new brand).

There’s something to be said for eschewing the spotlight before you actually have something to show, and PERQ did that.

Steven at the PERQ Launch Party

About PERQ:

PERQ is a marketing technology and promotions company that helps businesses attract consumers with incentives. But that’s only one of our layers. We’re a company built of people who love winning the game of business and working towards the common goal of achieving success for our clients.

Our key competitive advantage comes from our utilization of incentives to attract consumers through integrated print, digital, mobile, and social marketing activities. Our unique capability to attract, track, and convert both web and in-store traffic into sales are the foundation of solutions our clients trust.

PERQ banner

Steven Shattuck

Steven Shattuck

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Steven Shattuck is VP of Marketing at Bloomerang, which helps nonprofit organizations to reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world.
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