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“Facebook, or any other social network you’re on…will never ask you for any personal information,” advises Steven Shattuck, community manager for Slingshot SEO, a web consulting company based in Indianapolis. “In most cases they already have it, so…delete those messages,” says Shattuck

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We have all of these communications tools, but at the end of the day there’s no replacing a real face-to-face relationship or a real concrete relationship.

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Shattuck says it’s a treacherous path for those who overshare personal information on social media and yet expect privacy at the same time. He says many people on social media wrongly assume they have privacy despite those so-called privacy settings. Shattuck says privacy settings are often complicated and sometimes complete strangers (not friends or even friends of friends) may still be able to see information that people think is “private.”

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Steven Shattuck is community manager for Indianapolis based Slingshot SEO. Shattuck says both the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney campaigns, among others are effectively recruiting social media users who are also sending out messages to support their camps. Shattuck says those people are already proactive supporters.

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“They must have arrived in the fall,” Steven Shattuck, communications director for the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival, said of the town’s founders. “They named this place after Irving because it reminded them of the way Sleepy Hollow was described in the story.”

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Director of Marketing Steven Shattuck says the work pays $10-15 an hour and some jobs start right after the first of the year.


“We want people who are passionate about Indy, number one. We want football fans and people who are enthusiastic,” said Shattuck. “A lot of young people are interested in these jobs but there aren’t age requirements. I think we’ve already had a few in their 60s or 70s, just really excited about Indy and football.”